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Move more bigger or smaller de presentacion when I send a presentation.


Hi, I hope if someone help me in an issue that I have..  How can I do to put a division when I am presenting a powerpoint and have the participants on the right side and that in that division I can move it to make the presentation bigger or smaller the presentation and see more participants, if someone sends to project. on my computer if this division appears.





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Tankyou Brooks, I have that setup.. when somneone presents... no problem.. I can see the division and can move the scroll to the right (in case to see the presentation more bigger) or move the scroll to the left (in case to see more participants) but when I presents in wide presentation... the participants shows infront of my presentacion and the zoom does not respect o not put the division or the vertical scroll.. I know if I can see the prsentacion bigger.. I need another second display and in the second display I can see all the particpants... but in this case the bigboss he dont want to put another display...  And I have the Business Licences.