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Microphone cutting out mid-meeting


My microphone keeps cutting out randomly in meetings.  My coworkers said that my voice gets robotic for a bit and then my microphone cuts out completely.  If I leave the meeting and come back in, it's fine for a bit then does it again.  I have tested my microphone and it doesn't show any issues.  Anyone have any insight into why this might be happening?


Thank You,



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @hannahplattlpc


 Have you attempted to Troubleshoot your microphone

The other function that I would check would be your processor or RAM. Too many open applications running during a meeting or insufficient bandwidth can cause the robotic audio, as you described. 


If you go to your Zoom Desktop settings > statistics, you can view yours in meeting statistics and troubleshoot your PC or Mac in real time. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?



Hi, my name is Jon, I work for a Healthcare organization where we use Zoom for our primary conferencing needs and I have had reports lately of microphones cutting out unexpectedly in meetings as well.

I did some research online and Dell has a background program called Waves MaxxAudio Pro that has a function to 'help' the mic in meetings but some users report it is causing this issue. You can search and if it is there you can disable the Voice option.

This is if you use a Dell laptop with internal audio, cannot state that any other devices are having the same issues.

Also, if you do use Dell PCs there are other forums where updating the BIOS has apparently helped users. We will be trying this as the PCs that I have had reports on are newer models and I do not think the Waves was on them. Almost like Dell realized it was an issue and removed it on later releases?

Anyway, hope this helps.