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Microphone Not Working followed by Zoom Crashing


We have several users in our environment reporting similar issues that suddenly, after months of being able to use Zoom without issues, that Zoom alerts them mid-meeting that their microphone is not working (even though it had been working just several seconds prior) and then when they go to click on anything, Zoom crashes and freezes.


This issue first started yesterday, 10/26/22, and is exclusive to the desktop client on Windows machines.


Are there any known fixes for this or new issues with the Zoom client?



I have same problem. It is good to know others do as well since I have bought a new microphone. Clearly it is not hardware and must be a software issue - and a recent one at that.

I have a workaround.  Click on the microphone icon and switch to a different microphone then switch back for another 15 - 20 minutes of trouble free listening before it disconnects itself again.

Thank you. I have the exact same problem.

It now crashes at some moment after about 1 hour, even if I don't do anything (which happens a lot:)

Once zoom has crashed, I restart it but microphone and speaker won't work. 

I have to restart the PC to join the meeting again....

Il will try the workaround, thanks


This happened to me in 2023. Not sure why but Zoom wouldn't let me in a meeting and it would just say Not Responding when connecting after providing the password.