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Meeting scheduling problem:


HELP,  I am the host of a meeting (March 14) and have sent out invitations to 200 people copied from the scheduled meeting site.   Suddenly the passcodes have changed on the schedule from the original invitation I sent out.  In fact there are now two different passcodes.  The same exact problem happened two weeks ago and no one could get out of the waiting room.  What do I do to rectify this?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'm sorry that has happened. I would do two things. One, open a Zoom support ticket. Include the screenshots showing the meeting with two passcodes. Now, the second thing I would do, and this is up to you, so it is a suggestion, is to make sure your meeting on 3/14 goes smoothly is to cancel both meetings, let the attendees know a new invite is coming out, and send out the new invite. 

I'm curious are the meeting links the same? Thank you.