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Meeting reminders in desktop app buggy?


I have three users actively experiencing an issue with meeting reminders in their Zoom settings.

Quote from one user:  My zoom notifications are beeping incessantly for over a minute to notify me of a meeting. I cannot click out of it and just have to wait for it to be over.

Quote from another user:  I have a video if needed (showing me trying to click every button to make it stop). I restarted my computer twice as well

For now, they've turned off the setting to enable upcoming meeting reminders but that's not an actual solution.  I searched this forum but couldn't find anyone else logging this issue.

Our Zoom desktop app is third party patched and ALWAYS up to date within a few days of release, and I've confirmed the users are indeed updated.  All Windows 10 users, if that matters.

Can anyone help?  Or should I submit a support ticket?  

Thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@nonprofittechie  If you are on version 5.10.4 of the client and still experiencing the following issue, please submit a ticket to our Support team. 5.10.4 is suppose to resolve the issue regarding the meeting reminder notifications.