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Meeting Participants Unable to See Eachother


I have set up a Zoom integration through a scheduling program for the company I work for. We have been having a lot of issues with Zoom meetings - most notably, the admin and client will join the meeting but neither will be able to hear or see each other, it appears as if they are in the Zoom room alone. The admins join the meetings directly from the Zoom site under the profile that is integrated with the scheduling app and the clients join the meeting from the Zoom link that the scheduling app sends out in the confirmation email. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows how to fix it since, after talking to the scheduling app's support team, it doesn't appear to be an issue on their end.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @sophie_kdd 


Are the Participants even able to see each other listed in the Participants list?


In this scenario, could you have each Participant check they are actually in the same meeting (Meeting ID)?


They can check the meeting ID by clicking the shield icon (top left) while in the meeting.


This has happened to me many times with work but most recently it happened when I was to be interviewed.  As you can imagine it added an extra layer of stress.  UGH!!  They thought I was late and not joining.  Then ended up having to send me a new link.  We both used the same link to join so I assume we were in the same meeting ID.  

Is there another reason this would happen?