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Maximum meeting size for Pro Plan


If we have reached capacity but have someone still in the waiting room, will we be able to admit the person in the waiting room if someone leaves the meeting and thus frees up a seat?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @princetonphoto.


This question is a tough one for me.  I didn't know the answer, but who has 101 people they can ask to attend a quick meeting while you make a test to see what happens?  I test things to get the "real answer" all the time... but this one stumped me.


I think the real question here is: "If some combination of in-meeting participants and waiting room participants reaches your meeting capacity, will anyone else be able to enter the Waiting Room?"  


So I reached out to my Zoom buddy @Bort for some help... and while we both think the answer is "once you reach 100 people, nobody can even join the Waiting Room",  neither of us were sure.  @Bort reached out to someone else in the Zoom team who said he's 99% sure they wouldn't make it into the Waiting Room once the capacity is reached.


Maybe you can test this for us at your next meeting!  See if the total of people in the meeting plus the total number of people in the waiting room ever exceeds your capacity!


We could be wrong... but I doubt it. 🤔  Thanks for the challenging question!!

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