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Many recordings for my cloud session


Hi, I need your expertise figuring out what I'm doing wrong with the cloud recording settings. I have set up the Zoom so I record my class session to the cloud. However it seems that my students can also trigger a recording and at the end I have many (10-15) recordings in addition to mine. Also I receive all the notifications for these recordings that I have no idea who started. Please guide me out of this 🙂



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi - I hope that you are Doing good !!

- Go to the Cloud Recording section.
See Title Option - Hosts may allow participants to register locally
Make sure this option is removed.
This prevents hosts the ability to delete local recordings from participants.
Similarly, make sure the option - Enable hosts to for cloud recording is enabled, .
Specifies that only hosts can initiate cloud records

Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!


Thank you for the quick response Humashankar! The settings you describe are the settings I had, and they were/are still not working to solve my issue.

One additional setting I removed from the cloud recording was the option to have the 'audio-only files recorded'. Now only the 'Record active speaker with shared screen' and the save chat from the session' are activated. That worked a bit so instead of having 10 additional recordings from y class today, there are only 3 from 3 different students (lasting from seconds to minutes). Thanks again, I'll keep exploring.