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MacOS - why is Zoom app a Login Item?


I just upgraded to MacOS Ventura but this question would apply to earlier MacOS as well. Ventura makes it easier in System Preferences to see Login Items. For some reason, the Zoom app is showing as a login item? I know how to turn it off, but why is it there? What does it do as a login item, and why would I need Zoom running in the background all of the time?


I use Zoom 1-2 times a week for meetings, clicking on emailed links.


Thanks -


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I don't recall if Zoom applies this automatically by default or not, they may, or if it happens to be a corporate controlled install, the admin has the option to apply this setting as well. I believe the thinking is around Zoom calendar appointments and people wanting to be reminded of scheduled meetings, along with the growing popularity of Team Chat within organizations, and many others.


The reality is that there is no single setting that is going to work for everybody.

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