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MacOS v Windows


I’m always requested by my firm to be part of a meeting where a video needs to be shared and viewed by the participants. This is because every time I share a video it plays really smoothly, cleanly and without stuttering. I implement all the features to support this (play the local file, optimise for video, hardwire my device etc etc). The one major difference between myself and all the other staff, is that I use a high end Mac, fully specked out, and play from QuickTime. Whenever I advise others to play (the same local video file) from their Windows (11 I think) Laptops using the native Media player, it never works as well. The video stutters, becomes pixelated etc. 


My underlying question is; does the simple fact I’m playing the video file from a much more powerful CPU and graphics card likely to be the root cause of this? That being the case, I’m permanently going to be needed to play a 2 min video in a 3 hour long meeting/webinar!


so this is not really a problem, but I’d love to understand how much Zoom (and specifically video sharing) relies on local hardware capabilities. 

thanks for any views in advance. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


Sounds like a codec issue to me, if you're playing .mov files, Windows isn't as good as playing them, just as Macs aren't so great at .avi files.   You might try converting them to .mp4 files, which are more compatible.