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Logged Into Which Zoom Account?


I've been trying to figure out how to tell which Zoom account I am logged into, as my work has several.  A helpful Zoom tech gave me the answer:


Look for your account icon at the top right of Zoom window & click on it.  Hover the mouse pointer over the profile details which shows the partial email address and note the pop-out menu option that says “Show Email” -- click this to display the full sign-in email.


I've asked if there is a way to set this to ALWAYS show email address, considering it's not the password and therefore never really needs to be hidden.  Presuming there is presently no setting, I've requested they add one.


Perhaps this might help someone else!  😎


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks @zoom1SSP ,


it is a good comment. Although I can see others asking not to show it. 

I will pass it on.




i cannot seem to come up with a good reason why anyone would want to hide the account's email address... can you?


regardless, if there was simply a setting whereby users could elect to either show it ALWAYS, or not show it ALWAYS, this would remedy the entire matter, no?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @zoom1SSP.


Check out the multiple-login options for the web portal.  Zoom will hold on to up to 5 login credentials, and you can easily move between them.  I do suggest having a different profile picture on each one for ease of identification.  Here's how it looks (I've redacted the emails):



You can tell which one is logged into by the green circled checkmark.  You can move to a different account by just clicking on the other login. These do not have to be logins under the same organizational account.


The "Sign Out" menu item just below "Switch Account" let's you selectively remove the authentication for an individual account, or all of them at once:



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