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Live Translations


Live Translations / Closed Captions 


Issue: Intermittent translations as well as closed captioning on browser and desktop client 


Attempted: Update Browser and client, changed mics, wired internet connection, Auto captions enabled, and reaching out to support.


With Show Captions on, Speaking Language: English, Translation to Spanish, and Show original and translation, getting random bursts of actual captioning, but not a steady caption. Anyone else having this issue?


Note: We do have the proper licensing for this feature. Is this related to Zoom back end cloud computing provisioning for translations?






We're having the exact same issue! We have English closed captioning enabled and it's very patchy when it works at all. Comes in starts and stops (for both captioning and the transcript) and rarely works when first enabled. Oddly seem to have better luck when switching to a different spoken language but not that's not much help. 

I also have the latest version of Zoom installed.

Good to know it's not just us. How long have your issues persisted?

We were only trying it out today but have been persistently retrying for about 5-ish hours now. Best luck we had was about mid-meeting this afternoon (around 12:30 ET) when the captioning started working perfectly (though had been enabled for the full meeting without success). Once that meeting ended, I started another meeting to test it again and no luck.