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Live Performance Audio mode crackling sound on Mac M1 Max


Hi everybody! I'm wondering if someone is getting an unbearable "crackling", "popping" noise when using live performance audio? I've been using it to teach singing online as to accompany my students at the piano realtime. I use a RodeCaster pro 2 as an interface and Logic Pro X to send sound through zoom. It works perfectly fine with Original sound for musicians, however it has this very annoying issue with Live Performance audio. I tested on 2 different Macs with different interfaces. The problem persists.  I'm guessing this feature is messing with with something in the CoreAudio. Any ideas / suggestions? Is There any zoom engineer who could help me with this?


Changing the buffer size on Logic or Ableton doesn't resolve the issue. The sample rate is set to 48.000hz across the board.  I still get the popping issue even if I don't  run sound through any DAW.


Thank you