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List of registrated participants


Hello, I am preparing a rather large international meeting of our sports federation. I sheduled mandatory registration and manual confirmation by the host.
In the registration the invited participant fills in. The COUNTRY field is essential for me to have an overview (there will be only one person from each country). I will prompt each participant with the name of their country.
But I have a problem. When I manually confirm on the account, I see the name, email address but I don't see the COUNTRY field even though the participant filled it in. Later on in the waiting room and further down the list of connected participants, I only see the name. I don't even see the address anymore. This is very annoying and a big complication. Is there any way to change this so that the COUNTRY field is the primary visible information ? Where can I actually see all the fields that the participant has filled in when registering ? Is there some kind of complete spreadsheet ?