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Is our system Stable? looking for suggestions and tips


Dear community,


I need some advice regarding to the current set up of a company where I recently land. We stream live trainings (workouts) through Zoom meetings. The 2 way communication is critical to been able of correct the execution of the exercises of our clients. We have experience several unstably problems that I would like to adress to the community to receive some feedback and opinons about my speculation regarding to the root of the problems.


First things first, description of our current set up:


Our video system consist of: One MacBook Pro 2021 M1 chip, 32gb. With the help of an external Auimce multi output device ( we manage to connect 3 external screens through HDMI. One of the externals is used by the operator to run the Zoom meeting. This screen is mirrored to a bigger TV that is used by the Trainer to monitor the participants and correct them. The third screen, which is connected directed to the Mac (not via Auimce device) is use to display the couch the program. This comes direct from OBS and is routed addressing the live streaming scene to this particular monitor.


To cut the cameras and feed the laptop we have an ATEM mini extreme ISO. To add music we connected an audio mixer through usb, we use it as audio interface to been able to select and change music that comes from an music APP installed on an IPAD.


In order to add some Overlays, logo, waiting room and endscreen we use OBS. It’s importat to point out that we have to connect OBS to a server(NodeCg ) in order to receive overlays, that we load as CSV file on the browser.


Additionally we have an Elgato Stream Deck to quickly go trough the Scenes, record, activate browser feed (Overlays) etc.


So as resume of the video signal chain: Cameras to ATEM via HDMI, then we take the Program and feed the Mac via USB-c. The video signal then goes to OBS where we add Overlays as a Browser source. And finally we deliver the program to Zoom meetings through OBS virtual camera.


Problems that we’ve experienced so far…


We have experience several crashes of OBS affecting our meetings. Once the monitor that is directly receiving the Live scene from OBS, the software crashes.


Secondly and less often, OBS crashed the lost of connection of the Elgato Stream Deck device. When its disconnected but tho we press a button it had crashed. This have only happened once so far.


Some Particular questions….


-What‘s your opinion about our current set up in terms of stability? Do you have any particular suggestion? Im trying to push forward to migrate everything into a video system with more Black Magic dedicated devices instead of relaying so much in the Macbook.


-Is the Multi Output device a problem? Should it accomplish a particular speed or requirement?


-Is M1 Max Chip and or Mac IOS compatible with OBS? As far as i’ve read, the software is more compatible with Windows, with this as argument, it makes sense that some little actions like the unplug of a HDMI makes it crash? The metrics doesn’t seem to be stressed (CPU never over 30%) but somehow those little problems makes me feel our system as an extremely fragile.


-Our little server connection to use the NodeCG feature could be the reason of some of those problems? I speculate it so because i know that Mac IOS struggles with network tasks, but not really sure if this is the case.