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Incorrect banning of a licensed account


…I run a licensed account which you have blocked incorrectly. If you look at my account activity, you will see I have been reporting zoombombers to you. This necessitated joining meetings to track them, and subsequently getting caught in the crossfire. On top of this, you have disabled my iPad with a code 1132 error, which I should say looks like suspicious activity to me. I’m puzzled, and a little cynical, as to  why there is so little info on this error, and why you would want to go as fas as disabling a hardware device, especially when a back up account can be created easily on another device.

I have already written an appeal you three weeks ago, which you seem to have ignored. This is classed as a licensed account, so I expect some action from you on this.  On top of all of this, you keep automatically closing my tickets immediately after submitting them.

This account is used in post Covid community meetings, helping people who are still shielding through ill health, so some action on this would be very much appreciated.

What can I do to get my iPad back again under my control? And why is there so little info on this 1132 error code?

I’d really like to get this account active again but I’m currently feeling very unsupported regarding the issue.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @brianmusic , 

There are very specific reasons there is little info about this error code. Please continue reaching out to the Zoom Trust & Safety team at, as they are the only team that can resolve these error codes.