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Import Breakout Rooms but allow participants to move freely


I am designing a Zoom Reunion and want to import the breakout rooms and select the option to allow meeting participants to join/unjoin on their own. These 2 features  appear to be mutually exclusive. When I import breakout rooms, (before meeting starts), it seems to require pre-assignments and then, as host, does not allow me to change to option of having participants join on their own. If I start a meeting with no rooms, and then create them, I do have the option of letting participants manage on their own. I'm trying to save myself the effort of typing in all of the rooms after I've started the meeting. Am I missing something?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@oldsportbiker – I’ve done this: set the Breakout Room names up in the CSV file and put a bogus email address in as the sole invitee to the room.

 When it’s time  to start the breakout room, set the option to let people join and leave when they want. Zoom will still have your default Room Names and it should work fine.

 Try it out in a test meeting!


Note: You mentioned not having the option to change the options... I've not had any issues with this.

CSV file in Excel:


Loaded in the web interface for the meeting:


Ready to launch in the meeting; check "choose room" and "return any time", and UNCHECK "auto assign":



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