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IT Admin Config Settings Precedence


Hey all!


I've been deploying Zoom using the MSI and configuration switches to pre-configure some of our org's preferences. 


I now see that Zoom has Admin Templates to use with Active Directory GPO. The admin templates provide much more control than the MSI switches do, and there's even some overlap with some of the settings that can also be configured by the MSI switches.


Does anyone know what the order of preference is for Zoom settings? I'd like to stop adding the customization via the MSI switches, and control my settings via GPO going forward.


Due to having used the MSI switches in the past, my entire fleet already has a lot of the settings setup in the ZoomUMX registry keys.  I see that the AD Admin Templates use the traditional Microsoft 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom' location in the registry for settings.


Do I need to clear those ZoomUMX settings to make sure that the settings I want to control always come from the ones pushed by the GPO Admin Template, or will the admin template settings always "win"?