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I need is a speaker separation voice file.


Hello, I'm a senior in computer science.
While studying Zoom api this time, I found out that the recording cloud service is a paid service.
What I'm curious about is, is there a way for paid users to receive the recording of the meeting after conducting a meeting with only free users and finishing the meeting? (Of course, paid users do not participate in meetings.)

The function I need is a speaker separation voice file.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @koreaa.


First, to be clear, Zoom never sends the actual file to anyone.  All access to the Zoom Cloud is done via a URL and Passcode for access.


Secondly, every Licensed (paid) account has a 5G Cloud recording at no charge, which is sufficient for most average meetings, as long as you manage your recordings, downloading what you want to keep long-term, and only leaving recordings online in the Cloud as needed for others to access them.


For attendees to have access to the file, you need to send them the link and passcode from your Personal -> Recordings menu.


If you're asking about how to get individual attendee audio files, they have to be enabled in the Personal -> Settings -> Recording menu:



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