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Hybrid meeting


The webinar on hybrid meetings I attended yesterday did not address my situation. We are a nonprofit without a dedicated space. We run a lecture series that used to take place in an auditorium, looking to go hybrid (meeting format, not webinar) at some point in the near future. What kind of equipment setup do we need to allow a speaker to present slides to both an in-person and Zoom audience, where the speaker and audiences can see and hear each other? We haven't decided on a venue as yet so cannot count on the venue providing anything other than the space and an internet connection.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Steve-S ideally, you would be working with a Zoom Room in the location with the in-person audience since they would be able to all see the screen that you are sharing with the remote viewers.  The trick is finding a location with a screen, or finding a portable screen and/or projector so that you can set it up in a conference room or auditorium based on your needs.  Depending on space, you may also need microphones so that people in the audience can be heard clearly when they speak.


Hi Steve
Thank you. We have an separate room and also cameras they have to show the audience in zoom the speaker. How camn i connect the kameras via zoom? 
I share the prasentation for everybody, but they also need to see the speaker in the front.