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How to view participant video when I'm sharing my screen?


Hi all. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to view meeting participant video in gallery view while I am sharing my screen? I want to view both the shared screen content and the video of participants at the same time, and it seems the only way to do this is with floating thumbnail videos? The problem with this is that the floating thumbnails block the content I am sharing. I want both the shared content and the participant video to be present during hte meeting, but also to show up on hte recording.


Does anyone know if this is possible with the free, Basic version? And if it can be done without using two screens? Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I have tried to see if the above is possible, and here are my conclusions.


  1. Others viewing the shared content can switch to side-by-side mode, which will do what you described above. However, people sharing the screen cannot select side-by-side mode to view shared content themselves. If you don't want the thumbnail video to cover your content, the only way I can think of is to resize the window of the content or application to occupy part of your screen and put the thumbnail on the other side. This method is similar to how the side-by-side mode works. 
  2. Even though people sharing the screen cannot switch to side-by-side mode, they can still capture local recordings that display the shared screen and video side-by-side. Don't forget to check these two boxes in the settings of the Zoom desktop client if you want this to apply.       



This used to work (people sharing could switch to side-by-side mode) - why did Zoom change it?
Please bring it back.