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How to hide multiple meeting times during registration




Part 1:

I want my attendees to register for my meetings that are being held on a recurring link without being able to see all the dates of the future meetings. Currently, I can turn this on but then they can choose from any of the 30+ occurrences for this meeting in the future.


I want them to only be able to register for the upcoming meeting and see nothing else going in the future. I was told this was possible, but does anyone know of any way to do this? 

Part 2:

I've also heard Zoom can send reminder emails to attendees about an upcoming meeting. How? I don't see that option. Is this for a certain plan?



The default Zoom registration form probably would not work for you. You would want to set up your own registration form that is integrated with Zoom using APIs that creates registrants in Zoom when filled out and lets you customize which occurrences to show. For reminders APIs could also be leveraged if you don't want to send each registrant their link manually. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that automates reminders for meetings with registration as well as letting you create a customized registration form.