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How to automatically share recurring meetings


I run a distributed team.  We always record and share recurring meetings, so that team members in other time zones can listen to discussions.  However, as a meeting organizer, I always need to manually forward the "Zoom's Meeting Recording is ready" email notification to the rest of my team.  


With Google Meet, the meeting recording would conveniently appear on the calendar entry and be accessible.  With Zoom, however,  I must constantly wait for the recording and diligently share it with my team.  There may be a few recurring meetings during the day, and this mundane task is something I need to do every time.  It is busy work and one thing I can do without.


It would be great if I could set up a meeting to "auto-share" the meeting recording with individual e-mails once the recording becomes available.  I want set-it-and-forget-it functionality for sharing recordings of recurring meetings.  We can already automatically enable recording. Is there a way to automatically share once the meeting is done?






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @aparansky.


I'm not entirely sure it's possible, but I've got an idea I might test and let you know about, depending on how your meetings are scheduled.  A few quick questions:


  • Are you scheduling meetings with separate Meeting IDs, or are you using a recurring meeting (with or without a frequency of recurrence)? (This one is tricky, but I'll try a thing or two and let you know if I come up with a workable idea)
  • Are your attendees Registered for these meetings, or just joining (or being invited by the host directly from Alt-I within the meeting)?  (Registrants to a meeting can generally access recordings if they are set to On Demand)
  • Are all attendees using a company-provided Zoom account?  (Setting up Groups with some sort of access permissions could help.)

I'll see what I can find out, depending on your answers.  Might take me a few days... 

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Ray, thank you for responding, and sorry for the delay in responding.


Each meeting "type" has its own ID that we use daily.  For example, we have a morning Stand Up meeting that repeats every weekday, and it has its ID.  We also have an evening Stand Up with a different ID.   

The attendees are employees of the organization, so they are simply added to the meeting invite, there is no explicit meeting registration and the e-mails of the attendees are known.


All attendees are using a company-provided zoom account.


We have flexibility in how the meeting is set up.  We can set up a meeting from the Zoom website or use the Google Calendar integration.


In general, the idea is to eliminate any redundant work.  Having to forward an e-mail a few times a day is not a big deal, but yet another thing that someone must do and should be automated.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @aparansky – been a busy week for me too.  No worries!!

Zoom will not natively send an email to a group of people notifying them that a recording is ready. There are a few potential work-arounds, and there’s always the option to develop some code, but I’ll start with a simple recommendation.


Based on your description of your team and organization, I’ll guess that you either have an IT department or at least have set up good file storage and sharing capability accessible by the team. Can you set up a folder on an internal network drive (or DropBox or similar service) giving the team access, and simply download the recording to that folder … possibly renaming it so it’s easily recognized by the team?  2022-12-04-TeamABC-Standup.mp4 as an example. Maybe once a month move last month’s meetings to a separate folder, and archive or delete old folders as appropriate. 

Note that DropBox (and possibly other services – but I’m a DropBox user) can be  configured to automatically copy your Zoom recordings, but to make sure the team doesn’t have access to all your recordings, I’d take an approach of making a separate folder for these files and moving the Standup recordings. There DropBox copy and sync process is reliable, easy, and generally quick – people World have to be notified, they just go to the recording area and check to see if today’s file is there.


Would something like that be helpful?  I use this approach with several clients, who each have a folder on my DropBox account so they can access files I have for them.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  Just have a couple of questions.


As you recommended, we need to permit people to record meetings locally.  After the recording, there is an additional step to rename it.  


Our security team has only enabled cloud recordings and requires special permission (not given to anyone) to download recordings.  Also, based on your explanation, it sounds like there is an additional step (perhaps optional) of renaming the meeting after every event.  

I will not be able to convince the security team to allow local recordings, so that would be the first blocker.  The extra step at the end still does not make it a "set-it-and-forget-it" process.  Someone needs to rename the recording, which is the same effort as remembering to e-mail sharing notification out.  


I already have all my team members' e-mails set up as hosts in the meeting invite, which means the meeting knows all their e-mails.  This is done to enable team members to control the meeting in case I am not around to host it.  I would love to have the "Recording Ready" notification automatically go out to all the hosts.  This would simplify the workflow as I would only need to remember to forward the e-mail to some of the team members.  


I would love to configure the meeting so that specific individuals (I already have everyone as host) can download it or get the recording-ready notification automatically.  


Any other options?  Is there a way to submit a feature request to Zoom?  The feature is, to automatically e-mail "Recording is ready" messages to all the hosts.

You could use APIs and a webhook setup to send a "Recording Ready" to all hosts or team members. If you are not a developer, there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that can automatically share the Zoom recording with either specified individuals or all participants.