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How to adjust volume while in simultaneous meetings


As administrator that is running 2 simultaneous Zoom Meetings on one computer and when logged into both meetings, the audio from both meetings is running at the same time and I can't turn the volume down or off without doing it for both.  

This means, when I come off of mute to speak on 1 meeting, they hear the audio from the other meeting in the background.  

How can I resolve this?  



that functionality is not built into the zoom desktop client. there are other software apps that give you more control over your audio. Audio Hijack and Loopback from rogue amoeba let you route your audio sources. 

Thanks Dan.  I guess I can stop beating my head against the wall trying to figure it out.  

Fine answer for a Mac

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hello @L_Tong - Sorry to hear about the ordeal. Can you access the Desktop client setting then adjust the volume? 

P.S: You can also switch the "microphone" on the other meeting




Joaz that does NOT solve the problem.  That control takes full control over the entire PC's speaker volume.  It does not provide individual meeting volume control as the question asked.  ZOOM REALLY needs to add a simple mute speaker button like the mute microphone button at the bottom of the meeting window.  It's stunning that it isn't already there given the large number of webpages proposing workarounds to this major oversight.


you can use the native window volume mixer 

VicMan_1-1654523922178.pngright click 



then you can control each meeting volume (sorry no window name crop didn't include meeting name)




Unfortunately, this method doesn't work if you are doing zoom in the browser.

how are you listening/monitoring audio in the 2 zoom meetings? speakers on your laptop/PC? headphones? is there a reason they need to be running on the same computer? if that is the case you could try running a different Zoom client. if you are just trying to use the zoom desktop client and zoom in a browser I believe they would use the same audio settings. but joining with a different zoom client on the same computer like zoomOSC you would get the ability to use different speakers/headphones. if you are running/producing multiple zoom meetings on one pc you might want to look into additional Hardware and software to give you more control over your meetings. I belong to a group of people who meet on a 24hr 7day week zoom meeting that assist anyone trying to improve online meetings. you can find out more about the shows at there you can also find out how to join the after-hours which is the same meeting everyday. 

@RIV4 - That is correct. We were trying to troubleshoot on the desktop client. You can access similar settings on the browser by selecting "^" icon beside the microphone as shown below: