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How to Trim a recorded zoom video


How do you now Trim a recorded zoom video? I had no problem Editing my recorded videos before they changed to "Trim" recordings, and now cannot Trim and can find no instructions. I need to edit/trim a little off the front and end of my Church Sermons to send out to Church Members.


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Hi rfrazier60,


For the Zoom recording saved online, you have to open the video to preview it. At that point, you will find a pair of scissors located in the lower right-hand corner of the video which opens the Trim function.



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I have just read the Zoom support link about trimming. 

How to trim the beginning and end of a Zoom cloud recording

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings.
  3. Click the meeting topic for the session that you want to trim, then click the thumbnail of the video.
  4. Click 


  5. Use the blue sliders to specify the start time and the end time for the trimmed recording. This means that the blue highlighted area will be the trimmed recording.
    Note: To trim by the second, drag one of the sliders, then click the back arrow icon 


     or forward arrow icon 


      I used to be able set a playback range using the sliders referenced in step 5.  Since September 2022 the edit feature changed and now I do not have the same sliders and I can't set a playback range at all.  Is my account missing something? Zoom needs to update the support tutorials as they do not correspond to the trim feature which changed on my account  and  I am unable to successfully set a playback range.  Please can someone help as I can't send my recordings out to my clients anymore.

Hi @SH28,

 The image below is how the trim feature should appear. By clicking the two vertical lines at either end you can trim from the beginning or the end of the video. If you do not see the blue bar or the two vertical lines I would suggest you try another web browser as it may be something related to your current browser.



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***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***


I am confused.  I see the blue bars but how do I know which I am trimming, the before the blue bars or after the blue bars?  The instructions or not good.  Additionally, I do not understand on what does one click to begin the trim?  What does the Remove mean?  What is to be Removed?  

All to nebulous.


I have only just worked it out after a whole year! Start playing the recording, and decide where you want it to start, i.e. 00.17..  Then while recording is playing press the scissor icon, then hover the cursor over the two short straight lines at the far left of the blue bar, looks like  II . Then if you click on it, a timer pop up appears 00.00 and then you can set the new start time of your recording eg 00.17 then press "trim".  This worked for me and I could then copy and email out the edited recording .   Hope that helps.

After trimming, where do i access the trimmed version as i keep getting back the old version

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Community Champion | Customer

This YT video shows the process;


Managing and Sharing Cloud Recordings


Introduction - 00:00

Locating your cloud recording files - 00:08  

Preview your video and audio transcript (some users) - 00:37 

Set playback range (trim video start and end) - 01:21 

Choose recording highlights - 02:13

Share the recording and customize viewing permissions - 03:42 



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