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How do I record to the cloud


I recently upgraded to the paid version of Zoom. 

(1)  How do I have recordings default to the cloud. I had a meeting today, and the recording is still being saved to my local drive. If I go into settings, and click on the recording option, I see that I can select a directory but cannot select cloud. Am I missing something?

(1) Is there any way to transfer a recording from my local drive to the cloud in order to share the recording?


Thank you


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @RedHeights, welcome to the Zoom community! 


Here's an article that shows you how to enable cloud recording as the default option:


Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer a local recording to the cloud as of now. I would suggest uploading it to your Google Drive and sharing the link that way. 


Hope this helps 😊

Creator I
Creator I

1. When you click on the record button you should be presented with the option to choose "Record to Computer" and "Record to Cloud" Whichever you click on is where the recording will be saved


2. Zoom does not have the functionality you are requesting. You could use a different service such as uploading to Google Drive or Dropbox and sharing out from there.

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