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How do I disable passcode for previously scheduled meetings?


We had an employee who had their own individual zoom license. We migrated her over to our primary business account. She is now a user of this account, and I am the admin.


This employee had several meetings scheduled (prior to migration) that did not require a passcode. They required a waiting room instead. Since the migration, when any of the previously-scheduled meetings try to join using their link, they are prompted for a password which the employee now has to go look up and provide.  Since the migration, all invite links now come with the passcode embedded in the link so they are not a problem. It's only the previously scheduled conferences.


How do I disable the passcode requirement to this employee's (and possibly all of our employees') previously scheduled meetings? I am the admin account but cannot find where to change the setting. Under Admin Account > Admin > Users > Employee > Settings > Meeting > Security, I do see an option for Meeting Passcode > Require a passcode for meetings which have already been scheduled, however this setting is "Locked by Admin" and I cannot change it even though I am the admin.


Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.