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Hosting 2 meetings at a different time but the time overlapping due to a long meeting


Hello, let's say I scheduled one meeting for 30min at 4:30pm, and another meeting at 5:00pm.

However I enabled meetings to be able to be joined without a host, and I do not attend both of them.

There are 2 questions I have,

1. If I set the meeting for 30 min at 4:30, would it automatically end at 5 when I'm not there?

2. If the meeting does not end and continues, can the second meeting at 5pm be created and be joined by people? So would the two meetings exist? because I heard two meetings can't be held simultaneously, but I wonder if this rule applies if I didn't attend either of it.


Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @dongd —


I just answered a similar question from someone else. Take a look at my answer here and see if that explains it. The basic answer is: if you start a second meeting, the first meeting will be forced closed. 

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