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Host has another meeting in progress


I was the only host and had the settings so the participants could join at any time. I had only 2 participants currently in the meeting and waiting for a third. The third participant received the message that the host had another meeting in progress.  The third participant tried several times but was never able to join. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, SFarquharson

If you have more than one meeting scheduled, 3rd participant may get such a message if he join with the wrong meeting ID.
It would be better to invite a third participant by inviting the participant

I have the same problem.  Only one meeting is scheduled, everyone has the correct meeting ID and they still get this message that I (the host)  am in another meeting.  I have been using Zoom for years and this problem has just started over the past two months.  Very frustrating.

Same issue here. 😞

Same issue here. Our paid account is now useless because nobody can join our meetings. Fortunately we don’t have the problem on our free account, so we'll just let our subscription expire unless Zoom can come up with a fix.

I had the same problem.  If you are still having this problem, I found a fix.  You will want to go to the Zoom website page that has Personal and Administrative headings on the left side.  Under Personal, click meetings on the left.   Then click Personal Room across the top headings.  Towards the bottom of the page is a START in blue.  Clicking that will take you into your room and hopefully it will work.  It did for me.

This did not work for me. 

It’s not a zoom fix except the QUIT button is not prominent. This is a HOST function. There are two things I have to do to ensure my guests can get in. 1. When you sign in look for the tiny button on the bottom left of the screen that says “Keep me signed in”. Unclick it every time…it defaults to this. 2. Most important part. After you leave or “stop meeting for all” go to the upper right corner of the screen and under your initial (or icon) click on it and you’ll see an option to QUIT. Click Quit. I do this every time I quit zoom. I’ve done back to back meetings and do this after the last meeting to quit zoom. This has worked for me for three months now.

I will try this.  Thank you!


Quitting zoom between meetings is unwieldy but briefly worked. Now even when I first turn my computer on for a meeting with one person, every time they get the error message. rebooted, updated zoom, unusable. can't work. so frustrating. 


It is from my iphone who wants to join the meeting.   does not work

Same here...did anyone ever figure out how to fix this.  I have occasionally been able to cancel and send a meeting notice but this time couldn't even get the invitation option to show.

Ditto for me. Tonight I had to quit and have someone else start a new meeting with their account. It's getting worse and worse. 


it is getting worse! 


I've had no trouble since figured out that I had to sign out after every meeting. I host several meetings with multiple people every week. When you are finished, go up to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on your initial (that's what I have...I don't post my photo) and a menu will drop down. Click on the sign out. In fact, before I create a new meeting, I sign in, then sign out, and sign in again just to be sure everything is cleared. This has worked for me since last spring. If I forget and don't do this, people get "host is in another meeting". I don't know why Zoom doesn't address this. It is a user SIGN OUT! it works for me.

Hi Jsmude,  Did Zoom give you solution or reason?


This does not work.  I invite each of participants by sending them a copy of the invitation.  When they try to get on they get the message that host is in another meeting.  Same problem if I use waiting room.  Often have to cancel and send new invitation over and over.


Why am I paying for this if I can't host meetings????


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


Please make sure you invite third participants to the correct meeting id for this kind of issue.


Hope it helps! please like and mark this as solution so whenever someone has the same question this content will help.

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I have the same issue and yes - participants have the correct meeting ID.  They still get the message that host is in another meeting.  ONly one meeting is scheduled and I am the only host.  


I have been using Zoom for years and this issue has only just begun in the past two months.  Very frustrating.


This solved my problem.  Before I start any Zoom meetings I restart my computer. I discovered that after I "End Meeting for All", I have to go up to the upper right hand corner of my iMac screen, click on my initial (icon) and SIGN OUT after every meeting. This has worked for me for the past couple of months. I'm crossing my fingers that this will continue to work. That final SIGN OUT seems to be the secret for me. 


 I have the same problem.  How do you get in to talk to someone who can explain this?



Good luck with that. 

This is not helpful.  It's a chronic problem when I'm invited to a mtg and I get "host....another mtg"  I guess I need to switch to google or facebook.


Very frustrating.  This is what I found.  If you are still having this problem, I found a fix.  You will want to go to the Zoom website page that has Personal and Administrative headings on the left side.  Under Personal, click meetings on the left.   Then click Personal Room across the top headings.  Towards the bottom of the page is a START in blue.  Clicking that will take you into your room and hopefully it will work.  It did for me.

I posted a fix on 4/4/22. Did you try it.


I've not yet tried. My next meeting is coming up in May--will try then. Thanks!

The problem is not on your end. It's on the Host's end. They need to SIGN OUT after they Leave Meeting for All. There is a dropdown menu under the icon that is their name...on my iMac it's the upper right hand corner with my SIGN OUT. This has worked for me for the past two months. So far so goo.

I will try before my next meeting.  It is so frustrating when I hear this.  For me it has been since 3 months in a row and no one seems to be able to say why it happens.  

Fingers crossed.  

Test it out before your next meeting. Make a dummy meeting and start it. Then LEAVE MEETING FOR ALL. Go up to where your initial or whatever icon you use in the upper right hand corner of the screen and pull down the menu to SIGN OUT. That way you will know where it is before you start your next meeting and everything should be refreshed. Restart your computer before launching Zoom the next time you schedule your meeting. I SIGN OUT every time I close Zoom. I did back to back meetings and SIGNED OUT only once. It still works. I hope this solves it for other people. It's the host's end not the guests you invited. I delete my meetings when I'm finished. Maybe that helps too.

It’s not you, it’s the hosts end. They need to go to the upper right hand corner to the drop down screen and SIGN OUT of Zoom each time when they are done Zooming. Otherwise guests get the message that host has another meeting. Zoom should make that drop down menu more easily accessible.

Please read the issues stated. This is not a solution.


As stated in most of the comments.... EVERYONE has been given the correct ID/PASSWORD etc.

It still randomly says "host in another meeting" when we are NOT in another meeting, when we have NO other meeting scheduled.


I have found that this may happen if I schedule a meeting on one device, but start the meeting from a different device.  For example: schedule on my laptop and start the meeting from my iphone. I am not in another meeting.


Please tell us HOW to solve the issue.  Thank you!


None of the responses helped with this issue.  I am having the same issue and have run through all the checklists making sure everything is in order.  Parties are still getting the same message of  "host in another meeting".  It is the ONLY meeting I had set and participants were all invited to the correct (only one) meeting.   Can you please help with a relevant answer?  Thank you.



I’ve found this means the host is logged into two devices at once in their zoom account. They need to close the zoom app on one device. 

for example if I as a host was on zoom via my phone and then left the meeting but didn’t actually quit the app, and then later try to host a meeting on my computer, attendees will get this message. All I need to do is truly quit zoom app on my iphone or iPad and then the attendees will be able to access the meeting I’m hosting on my computer. 

of course the issue is that the host doesn’t know that the attendees are getting this error message. Aside from lack of attendees or someone texting/calling  them to let them know, the host will not know there’s an issue.


I had a simular problem. But in my car a 3. member joined the meeting, became the role as host and me and my session was stopped. I joined the new meeting but other people couldn't. I invited others to the new meeting by mail. The inviting was with the same meeting id and code as the original meeting. But only the new invited members could join. The same thing happened before but only when there was an other meeting scheduled later. So, in future I'll only plan one meeting.


I mein in my case ...

I even removed Zoom on my two phones (business and personal cells) and used only the desktop and STILL had the same problem. The syncing does not work and they have no support team  although their monthly charging to my credit card never fails. I pay for pro every month for two of us and I'm done. I'm changing to Amazon Chime.


The problem is on the host's end not the guest's end. When you finish the session and "Leave Meeting for All", go to the upper right corner of your Zoom window and click on your initial or image icon (I'm on a Mac). Click on the SIGN OUT window to sign out of Zoom. I've been doing this for two months now and so far it's worked for me. Nobody has had trouble joining my meetings.


Its happneing to me too. its so frustrating the only thing I can offer is that , it may be that I have windows 10 and I was an early participant to the meeting - it was an important meeting the only thing you can do is redo the meeting with a new link you will not be able to get into the existing meeting if you have Windows 10 apparently Zoom probably works better with Windows 11. - Windows 10 hides the icon somehow to get back in. 


I've had this problem a few times as well, and I was not logged into two devices at once.  Very frustrating and embarrassing!