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Horizontal black and white lines flashing in my video to others only while in Zoom


When I connect to Zoom, my video is now presenting with random flashes of white and black lines flashing across it. This just started this week in Zoom calls. Other people in the call see it and find it distracting. I see that when I look at my feed as well. No other video feeds are showing those flashes, just my video feed. The flashes are only in my Zoom video feed, not on my monitors or other videos I am viewing. I do not get those flashing lines using this same camera in Google Meet or Skype. I am running Windows 11 on a Dell Precision 5560. 


I rebooted. Did not fix.
I power cycled. Did not fix.

I tried camera in a different USB port. Did not fix. 

I checked and I have all Windows updates.

I checked and my BIOS is updated.

I checked and I have current video drivers.

I checked and I have the newest version of Zoom 64 bit. 


In Zoom:

I tried Original Ratio on and off. Both have the issue.

I tried HD on and off. Both have the issue. 

I tried Enhance My Appearance on and off. Both have the issue.




I am having the exact same issue - all support articles from Zoom have not resolved this. Can we please get a solution? Teams, Webex, and all other video apps behave normally.

I am having the same issue - slack etc all work but zoom has this 60hz effect where I see horizontal tearing randomly when using both a codi webcam or integrated hp webcam. This is frustrating and distracting.

The exact same issue here. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps I can find. None of them have fixed it. 


Same issue.  Started when I got my new computer.  (HP)



Same issue, i also want to add I uninstalled and reinstalled the integrated webcam in device manager and toggled all the ratio, HD and Enhance my Appearance.


No luck.


I have about 12 members of my team and 3-4 of them consistently have this problem while others do not. Zoom is the only product this happens in.


My recordings have random, flashing black and white checkerboards appearing in the top left of the screen when played back.  These are not apparent when I am recording but they keep showing up in recorded videos on playback. I don't know what to do. 



I recently upgraded to the most recent version of Zoom (x64) I could find online. Then I went into video settings and changed the Video Rendering method like this: (I believe it was the 3rd option I tried, having to restart zoom every time)... Now the issue seems to not be occurring. I hope this helps many of you.