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Guitar through focusrite scarlet


Hi all, first post. 

I'm going nuts. My son has guitar lessons with a guy in the US. We are in the UK. In order for the lessons to occur, he needs a mic to talk.. his guitar signal and the DAW playback all to be heard at the same time. 

He plays through a helix floor pedal, straight into the focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface. The mix is also plugged into a line input on the interface. 

The problem is this.. I can play back everything at the same time when testing the mic input in zoom settings. However, it feels like there is a signal issue with the guitar. If he plays continually, the signal continues fine. However, if he stops for a bit to talk/listen to his teacher, the signal can take a while to be read again buly zoom. Sometimes like 10 seconds. Sometimes it comes back only partially and muffled but then kicks in and the line goes green again. If I run it next to my Mac input signal.. there is no delay, only when going into zoom. 

Sorry if this is a bit garbled. I'm at my wit's end and can't find any solutions online. If anybody has any ideas? 

Thanks in advance,




I've had a similar thing happen when I've left Zoom's auto gain/noise reduction on and went from a weaker gain audio input to a louder input - like Zoom squashed the signal hard, then evened it out up to an average volume. (BTW I use an old Edirol digital mixer for audio inputs and run a digital out into my PC tower.) Maybe check the gain on each source going in/out of the 18i8 for parity and make sure the mic setting in Zoom is not set to auto.


I have a volt2-audio interface, and I would like to use Logic Pro, amplifiers, plug-ins, and microphone as the audio source for my online Guitar Lessons. When I select my audio interface as the input in the output, it doesn't work. In logic, I have the guitar and the microphone selected as recording, and they are both receiving signal fine until I start a zoom. I have ensured that my System Settings, settings, and logic are the same. I've also tried using a virtual audio channel and have not gotten it to work. It's also not working in facetime. I teach guitar lessons for the website Any help on resolving the audio issue would be much appreciated.