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Going to 7 day's a week


Starting Jan 1 2023 I'm going to be responsible for running 7 meetings a week.

I want to switch from 3 platforms 5x a week to 1 platform 7x a week.

I want other people to be able to host in my absence.

Can I do this by using the claim host feature

(If so how do I get that number and can I change it weekly) or

If there's a better way to accomplish this then please let me know

The new year isn't far away so please help


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

A Business account will allow you to use the alternative host feature. An alternative host can run meetings for you. If you join, you can take over host privileges. I have a Business account, and an alternative host isn't available, so you definitely need a business account.  I hope this helps. If it does, please mark Accept as Solution.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@chrismenard7  and @MeatLes:


Take a look at this Zoom Support article about Alternate Host:


A Business account is not required; both Host and designated Alternate must be on Licensed (paid) accounts, and Pro accounts are Licensed.  Both accounts must be in the same organizational account – that is, under the same owner.


 @MeatLes, Host Key and Claim Host will work for you, but there’s no automated way to change (and communicate) your Host Key. 

The Host Key is on your Profile page in the Zoom web portal, under the Meetings light grey bar. 

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