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Floating License


The new 40 minute meeting limitation with 2 participants is an understandable thing to do. However, with my situation, it's a bit annoying. I am currently paying for a Pro license that my wife uses more often than I. From time to time, I need to make a Zoom call that lasts for more than 40 minutes. 


The times that we need to use Zoom are always different. She uses Zoom early in the mornings and I use it later in the afternoon.


Feature Request: Instead of assigning the Pro license to an user, I think it would make more sense to have Floating Licenses. We would have one license in a "pool", when one of us starts a meeting, we can opt to use one of the available Pro licenses.  If we schedule a meeting that is more than 30 minutes, it can reserve the Pro license. There is no need to go into the user management and change someone from Pro to Basic and the other person from Basic to Pro.


This practice is pretty common in other industries. For example, AutoDesk AutoCAD has a perpetual license that you can buy for each computer. Or, you can buy a floating license that would allow an Engineer to grab the license when they launch AutoCAD. If I have 15 engineers and 10 licenses then 10 of them can be using the full version concurrently.