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Finding old meetings / created polls


Hi all,

I would like to use several polls that I have created in the past. Hence, I also tried to find links to old Zoom meetings for which I had allocated polls. However, I cannot find any of the old polls and only one past meeting link appears to be available (i.e. all the older links / meetings have disappeared).

Obviously, one would hope there to be a way to use the created polls several times - hence the questions: does anyone know how one could find and re-use the old polls one has used in the past?





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Ylijohtaja 

Unfortunately, polls are tied to the meeting they are created for, and when that meeting expires, so does the poll. 

I'd suggest checking your Reports for your poll results, which you can use to recreate those previously used polls. 

Once you've recreated those polls, I'd suggest creating a meeting template, so that you can easily recreate and use those polls again and again. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @Ylijohtaja! If the reply posted by @Bort has answered your question, don't forget to mark it as an accepted solution 😊