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Filter & avatar effects suddenly not available


On my old laptop (hp, Windows 10), I used to be able to use the filter & avatar option with a pro account. I ended my subscription for about a year and then re-signed up for it recently. Now I'm running it on my Ryzen 5, and I do not have the filter & avatar effects anymore.

Customer support keeps saying that it's because of my region (Texas) but the thing is, my husband's account on his computer had it (same region, same internet provider). My work account also has it (same region). It's only my new computer that doesn't have it. It doesn't make sense. 



are you and your husband accessing through the same router? Is he accessing through a corporate Zoom account and you are not? This region stuff affects me in Chicago as well - as soon as I use my laptop in New York/Boston/Washington DC, Europe, Canada - I get all the video bells and whistles, video filters, avatars etc.  But as soon as I use it back in Chicago again, the features are gone.  Some people report that you can fool Zoom by using a VPN but I haven't taken the time to try.