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Feel Like I'm losing my mind face toggle?


Hello, desperately seeking some answers! I feel like I'm going crazy because I had a feature on my previous laptop with zoom, and now that I've exchanged that laptop the feature is gone, and when I search google/here/etc. Nobody mentions this. It's like it never existed. Cant find ANYTHING.


***The feature is a face toggle, where you can change your appearance like face tune, it had options for

eyes, cheek, chin, nose, other areas and you could really save yourself some time combined with the "touch up my appearance". I LOVED that feature and am so perplexed that I now can't find it. It used to automatically pop up when your video turned on it would give you this small box in a separate window  to toggle your whole face.

I used to make my eyes a bit bigger and narrow out the double chin so I didn't have to do my makeup.

And now... it's gone. I swear it came from zoom.. like it couldn't have been the laptop right?  I had a Samsung galaxy laptop and exchanged it for an hp and now it's gone and I'm just so confused. 

ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.. I swear I will end up in a strait jacket if I can't figure this out.