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Error Assigning Alternative Host in Zoom Meeting API


Hi Zoom Support,

I am currently using the Zoom Basic plan and am encountering an issue when trying to assign an alternative host using the Zoom API. The error message received is:

"Failed to create meeting, status code: 400
Response content: b'{"code":1114,"message":"Unable to assign \"***********\" as an alternative host because the user cannot be selected at this time"}'"

I believe this issue is related to the limitations of the Basic plan. I would like to confirm if upgrading to the Pro plan will resolve this issue and allow me to add multiple co-hosts and alternative hosts.

Please advise on the steps I need to take to resolve this issue and if upgrading to the Pro plan is the correct solution.

Thank you.


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

@Monis - yes, alternative hosts require all users to be licensed and on the same account.