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Dual monitors - meeting controls and Speaker view on separate screens


We usually host hybrid meetings, with a PowerPoint presented where the in-person attendees are, that we share with the remote callers.


I have a laptop connected to an external big screen monitor. In the monitor I want to show the remote callers ("speaker view"), and the PowerPoint when the moment comes.


I have tried the setting of Dual Monitors on the desktop app which creates two windows. One window shows the remote callers and the meeting controls, the second one only shows the local attendees. When I start the PowerPoint slide show, it shows on the same big screen where the remote callers and controls are.


Basically, the "second monitor" which creates a second window all it does is show the local attendees, I don't need that. I can look around the room and see the people myself.


Is there a way to have meeting controls and the PowerPoint application on the laptop screen, and the remote callers (that would show up on the second Zoom window) and slide show on the big screen?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I just did my first hybrid meeting in early May. On our second projection screen we showed remote participants by selecting Gallery View – you mentioned using Speaker View, which only shows the Spotlighted users or just the one person speaking, if no spotlights are set.


During Day 1, some presentations were shown from the display PC on the main screen. On Day 2 & 3, I did Screen Sharing remotely, and those were displayed onsite on the main screen. 

Hope that helps!

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The Speaker vs Gallery is a preference, I don't think it will have an impact on behavior.  I can try if needed, though.

But were you / are you able to have controls on one screen (PowerPoint application and Zoom controls), and PowerPoint slide show and Zoom conference on the other one? My biggest issue is having Zoom meeting controls on my laptop and meeting participants on the big screen. Did you achieve that?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Look through this Zoom Support article on using two monitors:

The primary monitor will always have the Zoom controls on it. There’s no way to change that, that I’m aware of. 

Sorry, but I can’t tell from your description whether you wantZoom meeting controls on my laptop and meeting participants on the big screen” or don’t want that. 

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Thanks, I am familiar with that article.


It's fine if the primary monitor has the controls as long as I can have the remote participants on a different screen. Even in that article you linked me to, there is an image with both participants and controls on one screen, and the PowerPoint on the second monitor. That is not how I want it. 


I do want Zoom meeting controls on my laptop and meeting participants on the big screen. Is it doable?


Please see image attached. Let's pretend that the lady with headphones and pink sweater is me. 



Whenever you do a screen share, the Zoom controls are pinned to the top of the share window.  You can detach the Zoom meeting controls from the share screen window by clicking on the control bar and dragging the controls to your laptop screen (or wherever you want them to be during shares).


The only way that I'm aware of that would allow the PowerPoint output and participants to be on the same monitor would be to put them both in windows mode and size their windows to fit your big screen.


Gallery mode on the participant window will show all of your Zoom participants during the screen share.


Hope this helps!

This does help a little, thanks. I didn't know that I could drag the sharing control bar to my laptop window. So this helps for when the presentation has started. But I have to start the share to be able to drag the meeting controls to my laptop. What I'd need to make it completely functional is to have the control bar at all times in my laptop screen, not just when I'm sharing.


When the meeting starts I have the window with the remote participants and the meeting controls on the big screen. At first nothing is shared. Then halfway through the meeting I start a PowerPoint presentation in my laptop. The presentation goes to the big screen, on top of the Zoom window that's showing the remote participants and meeting controls. What I'm being forced to do is - from my laptop click on the Zoom window to put it back on top of the PowerPoint presentation, select "share screen" (moving the mouse around the big screen, which looks bad already), choose what I want to share (the PowerPoint presentation), and this brings the presentation back on top of the Zoom window. Just now I'm able to move the bar to my laptop. 


So yes, I can end the sharing and possibly allow late callers from my laptop while the presentation is going on, but I can't have it before then. And when I click on "stop sharing", the control bar vanishes from my laptop. 


"Is there a way to have meeting controls and the PowerPoint application on the laptop screen, and the remote callers (that would show up on the second Zoom window) and slide show on the big screen?"


To keep the Zoom controls on your laptop:   

1 - Start a Zoom meeting in dual monitor mode.

2 - Drag the "Zoom Meeting" window to your laptop.

3 - Make sure the "Zoom" window is on your big screen.

4 - Start a screen share (Alt+S) and drag the meeting controls to your laptop.

5 - End the screen share (Alt+S).

6 - End the meeting.

Drag your Zoom app to your laptop too if you don't want it on the big screen.   Close the app.

Now, when you start a Zoom meeting, the windows should be on the correct screens.   When you start a screen share, the controls should be where you placed them on the last share.


Do the same thing with PowerPoint.   Start the app.  Drag it to your laptop.  Close the app.

Those steps should get all of your controls on your laptop.


If you need to be able to see your remote attendees on the big screen at the same time you're showing your slide show, there's no easy way to do that.