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Downloading multiple recordings at once


Does anyone know if it's possible to download multiple recordings from the Zoom cloud to an external hard drive all at once or do you have to download each one individually? Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Kinnect 


You may want to look for a Zoom App that can do this - like Google Drive for Zoom.





היי האם התוסף הזה יכול להעביר לדרייב גם הקלטות שכבר נמצאות באתר?


Try zoom-rec-dl, a script that downloads Zoom cloud recordings to a local directory.


It simply requests the provided URL(s) and downloads all mp4, m4a files one by one.



Please leave questions, feature requests, and bug reports in the GitHub repository.


Leaving a star in the repository is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @hyunbin 

I checked out zoom-rec-dl and I seem to keep having this:

Error: Zoom URL is not valid.

 The link I entered are from Zoom share button where it can be viewed by anyone with the recording link. That also directs you to a page that has a video play and a download link, but it seems like the code is stating that it's an invalid Zoom URL.

Can you share the problematic URL? It currently supports limited URL formats that are verified.

i had the same thing. you need to remove the passcode requirement first. Settings > Recordings > Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings: Toggle off. (alternatively you can just press the box that includes the passcode in the link and press save)

Thank you for the explanation.


I have updated the README to include the following information.


Zoom Support / Audio and Video Recording / Sharing your Recordings

Embedding cloud recording passcode in shareable link

Hi @hyunbin Is there a way to export or extract the share URLs from Zoom?

I don't know much about exporting Zoom cloud recordings' share links.

Thanks for the script. I'd like to know if it can be modified to include the meeting ID in the filename (and how :D).


Figured it out somehow. 😄 Now if only I could decode it...

Adding meeting ID to filename is not currently supported.


Could you provide an example URL in the GitHub issue?

@hyunbin Hey can you make a video tutorial? Thanks

I don't have plans to create a video tutorial.


Are the instructions hard to follow? If so, which part is problematic?

Hi Hyunbin,


If I understood your instructions correctly, am I right to say I need to get all the URLs for my recordings before I bulk-load them?

If yes, may I know if there is a way to get all the shareable URLs for my all cloud recordings?