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Distorted audio when in a meeting


I just got a new laptop, which runs Windows 11. I use zoom meetings nightly with my clients to do a variety activities, often relying on Youtube videos. Since getting my new laptop, when I am in a zoom meeting and I play a Youtube video, or even a video through Netflix, the sound is very low and sounds sort of distorted - like it is underwater.


This only happens through zoom, no other meeting softwares (ie. Google Meet).


I've tried playing around with multiple settings. The only way I get it to work is by doing my meeting through my Chrome browser, but then I am muted when sharing my screen with sound... This is making my job very frustrating.


Any tips ?


Thank you!



I'm also having this problem. I just noticed it in the last 2 weeks. I did get a new laptop I noticed that Zoom did a new update. I'm wondering if one of those changes is the cause for the audio issues. People tell me it sounds like I'm speaking underwater. This didn't happen before to those two changes.