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Distorted audio to participants only


This has happened on 2 separate occasions. I have a room setup with separate mixer and mics, audio interface etc.  video camera and playback devices through a video switcher and sound reinforcement in the room. Everything sounds great except twice, the outgoing audio has become distorted to the zoom participants. The audio signal path is clean from mic to audio interface. Since I don't monitor the actual zoom audio, I never know this is happening until people start complaining that it is distorted.  To remedy the problem, I have to leave the meeting and rejoin.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Schwa,


It would be helpful to me in troubleshooting, if you would please provide a complete description of your audio chain.  For example, here's mine: A ZoomCorp ZDM-1 Dynamic Mic, into Port 1 of a RodeCaster Pro, to the PC over USB, RodeCaster Pro Stereo is selected in the Zoom Audio Microphone setting, running on an HP-Z Tower with XEON processor and 64G RAM, over a wired Ethernet connection to the router.


As much information as you can provide will be helpful... it doesn't have to be that complete or technical, if you don't have the details.


In my experience, it's extremely rare that a clean sound received by the Zoom Client on your machine will be corrupted by Zoom in transit to the attendees.  I do find that even "professional Zoom hosts" occasionally end up with software glitches between their audio equipment and the PC, which then affects what the Zoom client picks up and sends.  It may sound fine when listening to it through the audio equipment headset, but the trouble is often between there and the Zoom client.  It gets more complicated when the audio travels through the video mixer too, and increases the number of potential trouble sources.


It's one reason I always have a second computer system (a low end BeeLink box) as an attendee logged in here in my office, with a headset attached so I can check occasionally that the audio being received by the attendees is the quality I'm looking for.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Accessing meeting and phone statistics – Zoom Support may be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

overall stats show cpu usage, memory usage, bandwidth, etc.

audio stats show frequency, latency, jitter and packet loss for both send and receive

video stats show for both send and receive: latency, jitter, packet loss, resolution,  and frames per second




please see attached screen shots.