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Display ALL values for "Login Type" in Administrative User export


In our corporate Zoom admin portal (https://<company_name>, when we click on "Export"->"All users in the table", the resulting report has a column for "Login Type" which seems to only allow ONE value (either "Single Sign-On"  or "Work Email"). 


In our organization, the majority of our users are SSO only authenticated.  However, we have a handful of users who have BOTH Single Sign-ON *and* Work Email assigned to their account - we call them "dual-auth" but we cannot accurately report on those accounts since the field of "Login Type" only seems to export one value (not both).   


The report does not seem deterministic about which one will show up in that "Login Type" which means that some of those dual-auth accounts show up as "Work Email" and others show up as "Single Sign-On" so it is very difficult to accurately identify those unique dual-authentication scheme accounts.   


Anyone encountered this before and found a way around it? 

Or is there a feature request out to Zoom for this already?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


1) There is a feature request for this already, but if you want to you can enter a request at to get your organization added to the requestors.

2) If you need this information, you can put in a support request to Zoom to pull all users of your account and associated login types.


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