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Disable breakout room window automatic pop-up for co-hosts


Since version 5.7.3, when breakout rooms are closed, the breakout room window pops up in the center of the monitor for all co-hosts. In my use case, the main presenter must be a co-host so they can unmute. (Class is >300 participants, so allowing all to unmute at will is not an option.) During the main presentation, we need to open some breakout rooms for a subset of people. This causes a disruption during the presentation, as the breakout room window pops up in front of the teleprompter material and must be dismissed by the main presenter before they can continue. I've been stuck on version 5.7.1. I've submitted feedback to Zoom but received no response.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have a solution? Is there a way to disable the "feature" that was added since 5.7.3, or perhaps create some way to intercept the window and auto-close it as soon as it opens? The clock is ticking as November 5th approaches and 5.7.1 will no longer be usable.


Thanks for your suggestions.