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Disable admin prompt on Zoom VDI plugin for vmware auto update?


I am testing with enabling the auto update service for the Zoom plugin for Vmware Horizon Client version 5.13.0.  I have set the policy keys on my vdi and i get the prompt for updating to popup when i login to my VDI properly.  I hit OK for the update and it always asks me to put in my Admin credentials.  If I do that it disconnects from the VDI and updates the plugin to the newest version compatible with the VDI version I am on.


My question is, how do I get it so that Admin rights prompt does not happen when updating?  I have tried different switches when deploying the plugin, but it hasn't made a difference so far.  Does a switch have to be set differently when deploying the version on the VDI, or is it even possible?  It doesn't seem like a very handy feature if it can't be done without the use of an Admin prompt, i'm hoping I'm just missing something as I've only just starting deploying with this software this last year.



did you get this working?

I did not.  I came to the conclusion it was just not possible with the way it is setup currently.  They changed their wording on the release to say only on home computers that don't have UAC basically.