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Deleted meeting but want registrants list


I deleted a meeting but would like to know who registered. Is there a way to obtain the list of registrants after the meeting was deleted? If I reschedule the same meeting, will the registrants receive notification? Please advise.



If you canceled the meeting 7+ days ago, it's unlikely you will be able to recover the info.  If it has been less than 7 days, you can see the registrants to your deleted meeting in the reports section as usual.  


You *should* also be able to retrieve your meeting (if cancelled fewer than 7 days ago) by logging into Zoom on your browser.  In the "Meetings" section, top right of your screen will show "recently deleted".  Click "recover". 


If you want to update the text of the confirmation email with any notes about the change, first go into the email settings tab and edit the email, then edit your meeting details.


When you click save, it'll throw up a pop-up asking if you want to notify registrants of the change - click yes if you want them to receive an automated email with the new meeting information.  The subject line of the email they get says "meeting information has been updated" and they can cancel registration with the link in the body of the email as usual.  Good luck!