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DTMF Meeting - Personal Audioconference


I joined a Zoom meeting using my cell phone and dialing a number from the Global Dial-In Numbers list.
Once inside the meeting, DTMF commands like *6 to open and close the sound and others functions, work normally.
After that, I add a number to my cell phone call (so I pay the call costs). After merging the call, we can normally hear what is said in the meeting. But DTMF commands no longer work, even if I disconnect the other number from this personal conference. The DTMF features only work again if I end the call with the zoom and call the meeting again (Global Dial-In Numbers).
I would like to know how to make the dtmf commands keep working even if I add a person to my personal call.



Did you ever figure out how to get DTMF commands to work after a merge call?

I have a user that needs to do a conference call with a client, and they need to merge a call so they can go thru a menu system together when they call the third party and are met with a menu system. The problem is the numbers pressed on the keypad no longer work after a merged/conference call.