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Copy list of participants on the call


This is a feature request.


I attend meetings that have 40+ participants, and we need to have a list of participants (grouped by company etc, parsed from the "name") for roll call during the meeting. I log in through the web UI on Linux, and noticed I can copy this list out for post-processing in a script. I heard folks that use the native Zoom app (on windows) do not have the option to select/copy this list.


Even on the web UI, selecting the list is not easy. If the list scrolls, the selections that have moved out of view are unselected! In other words, there is no way to just "select all" the list of participants.


Please consider implementing one of the following:


- Make it possible to select the entire list of participants, both in UI and app, for copy to clipboard, OR

- Add a UI element (button, entry under ... etc) to copy the list to clipboard