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Control Screen Layout during a meeting



I am using Zoom Meeting for our weekly business meeting with about 40 participants. It is currently organised as a "hybrid" meeting, with some people participating online and the rest of the group present in the conference room.

The zoom screen ist projected on a big screen. 


I am very busy with the constant change of screen layout:
a) Screen sharing on the left, gallery on the right, screen split 50:50.
b) Screen share left, speaker right, screen split 50:50
c) Screen share left, gallery right, screen split 90:10


My question:
Is there any way to control this layout change with short cuts or something similar?


I use the Elgato Streamdeck.

I would like to configure the shortcuts, if there are any, on individual Streamdeck buttons so that I can control the settings very simply by pressing a button and without a mouse.
This would very much help me concentrate on the content of the meeting instead of operating the views.