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Configuring New Default Setting State for All Users (without Locking Setting)




Is there a way to configure a setting for all users (en masse) within a Zoom Account without locking it? We have a few user preferences now where we have changed our account's default setting, which will be applied to new users going forward, but it would be ideal for us to change this user preference across our entire organization while giving users the ability to later adjust the setting as needed.


As an example, to keep our cloud storage utilization from growing excessively,  we have turned off the "Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen" option but we do not want this - and other Cloud recording options" to be locked. 


In the case above, we attempted to modify our account settings and lock them, then unlock them, but this does not change the user account setting. 


I have found that we can adjust this setting for each user individually, but not found a way to do this en masse. Thoughts?