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Client Self Scheduling for zoom in google calendar snafu


Hi, I am hoping to get some help with this problem.... 


I want to set up my zoom/google calendar to give my clients the opportunity to self schedule time slots in 15 minute blocks for 2 or 3 hour periods during the day. But when I set this up using google calendar and I click on appointment slots, it does not appear that zoom conferencing is an option for that item. I tested this with both a google and a yahoo account and it would not populate the option for the user (external) client to be able to make a 15 minute zoom call consultation from a menu of time slots.... It only populates as a google meet call, which I switched off....  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Steve,


You will need to perform Calendar integration with Zoom in order for the meeting to be populated in your invite. Please follow the article for integration and scheduling:


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